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Too Terrified to Cook?
Just Think Like a Master Chef!
Due to the coronavirus, are you staying at home — and not eating at restaurants?
Are you kids complaining because they miss eating from their favorite fast-food restaurants and get fussy at the thought of eating your cooking every day?
If you're frustrated and anxious about cooking every day, "Too Terrified to Cook? Just Think Like a Master Chef" has tips to help you feel more empowered in the kitchen. This book has a lot more than recipes. Get your copy today and...
  • Get tips on how to select kitchenware that fits your personal style
  • Learn how to make fewer mistakes when preparing meals
  • Discover strategies to make your grocery shopping more cost-effective
  • Take control of your “kitchen anxiety”
  • Discover how to slice an onion — without getting watery eyes!
“If you feel inadequate or lost when it comes to mastering the art of food preparation, you are not alone. In Too Terrified to Cook? Just Think Life a Master Chef, you will find charts, exercises, and time/cost-saving strategies to help you feel more confident in the kitchen.”    — Althea Lockridge, author
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